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We define, design, and deliver digital products. We don’t merely dive into UX and code –  we take a holistic look at how your product is conceived and developed. Our focus is on the strategic development and management of your digital product, ensuring it aligns with your current and future business goals.

Known for creating lasting products, we bring creativity, industry expertise, proven processes, and success stories to our clients.

Brand Strategy & Identity Design

  • Brand Strategy and Transformation
    We help you strategize and transform your brand identity and image perception. This can include rebranding, aligning your brand with business goals and vision, enhancing your competitive edge, or attracting and retaining users.
  • Brand Creative and Identity Design
    We help you to create and maintain consistent and recognizable visual elements across all brand materials that make up the brand’s identity, including the logo, color palette, typography, and imagery.
  • Brand Guidelines
    We create the set of rules you need as a guideline to maintain brand consistency across all channels from logo usage, color scheme, typography, and tone of voice.
  • Brand Collateral
    We help you design and produce various brand materials such as business cards, letterheads, brochures, marketing materials, graphic design, podcasts and YouTube video covers etc. that adhere to your brand guidelines.

Product Design

  • User Flow Optimization
    We optimize user journeys by analyzing, refining, and improving the paths that users take when navigating your product. The goal is to design a flow to convert users through a series of actions that ultimately increase engagement and loyalty.
  • Wireframe Design
    We use wireframes early in the design process to lay the basic structure of content and functionality by taking into account your users’ needs and experiences. This is to help you visualize what the final product will look like before investing in more detailed design work.
  • User Interface Design (UI)
    To create the visual and interactive elements of your digital product, we design the graphic layout, icons, buttons, fonts, and overall aesthetics of the user interface. We will make sure that the product is visually appealing, has a seamless user experience, and is engaging.
  • Style Guide and Design Systems
    To streamline the design process and ensure a consistent design language throughout your product, we create a toolkit that includes specifications for color schemes, typography, iconography, spacing, and other design elements.
  • Interaction and Accessibility Design
    We design with accessibility in mind to help users with a range of abilities interact and navigate through your product intuitively and with ease.

Product Development

  • WordPress Development
    We build and manage your website on WordPress for both its functional and customization abilities. Our team of WordPress experts build websites, design layouts, add functionality, and ensure your product performs smoothly. We also create custom themes, plugins, and features to meet your business needs.
  • Headless CMS Development
    To give you more flexibility for using your content on multiple devices we help by building Headless CMS to act as your primary content storage. We then connect your content via APIs to different platforms like your website, mobile apps, or other digital channels.
  • Data and Platform Migration
    We can help with migrating your data and platform to WordPress and ensure a smooth transition with minimal data loss or disruption to your business.
  • API & 3rd Party Software Integration
    To improve efficiency, automate processes, enable data sharing, and improve performance, we use tools and services that create a powerful and integrated product.
  • Editorial Publishing Workflow Automation
    We can help you improve your production process, increase productivity among your editorial teams, and ensure content is consistently delivered by streamlining your workflow. This involves using tools and software to automate tasks like content creation, editing, approval, scheduling, and distribution.
  • Website Maintenance & Support
    We take care and help you in ensuring your product runs smoothly and stays up to date. We provide you with the technical support you need to fix issues, address security updates, and monitor your product’s performance.

Product Management

  • Data collection
    Data collection is where we organize, strategically gather, and utilize data to make informed decisions, improve targeting, and streamline data management for better insights that achieve high-impact results:
    • Data Planning: This is the process of defining what data is needed and how it will be collected. It involves setting the goals and objectives of data collection, specifying the sources of data, and planning to capture and store this information effectively.
    • Customer Segmentation: This involves categorizing your audience into distinct groups based on shared characteristics or behaviors. It helps tailor your marketing efforts and deliver content to different customer segments for more personalized and engaging communication.
    • Data Warehouse Setup: We create a structured and centralized repository for storing and managing data. A data warehouse allows for the efficient storage and retrieval of data, making it readily available for analysis and reporting.
  • Data Analytics
    To make sense of your data and help with decision-making we use tools and auditing methods to improve performance:
    • Data Dashboard: Once your data is collected, they are made available through a dashboard showcasing key metrics clearly and concisely to monitor performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
    • Analytics Audit: We review and assess your data and analytical practices to make sure the information and insights gain from them are accurate and helpful to your business.
  • Email Marketing Automation
    We help you streamline and enhance your email marketing efforts by using tools and services to set up automated email campaigns to deliver personalized content to your subscribers and users based on their behavioral patterns.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    We help you in improving your product's ability to convert a higher percentage of visitors into active users or achieve a specific goal. We analyze your user's behavior and use data-driven insights to make design adjustments to achieve the desired results.
  • Revenue Optimization
    The focus here is to maximize your ROI by reducing churn and improving the management of your revenue models.
    • Involuntary Churn and Payment Optimization: We can help reduce the loss of users due to issues like payment failures or expired credit cards. This includes using preventative measures and tools to recover failed payments, update payment information, and minimize subscription cancellations.
    • Subscription Management: Involves optimizing your subscription cycle by attracting and retaining subscribers, managing pricing, offering upsell opportunities, and ensuring subscribers have a smooth and satisfying experience.
  • Newsletter Template Design and Development
    We design and develop customized and reusable newsletter templates that reflect your brand identity in all your email communications.
  • User Engagement Optimization
    We research and analyze user patterns, implementing strategies to optimize your product for better engagement that leads to user retention and loyalty. This may involve improving features, user interface, and subscriber journey.

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