What We Do

Your Creative Product Design Agency

Refact is a product design and management agency helping news and media organizations connect with their audiences and create independent, sustainable businesses.

We support our clients through the entire lifecycle of their product, from initial vision, design, build, and launch to ongoing refinements. Our approach is based on data and analytics to define, design, and optimize their product for high-impact results.

We empower digital newsrooms by creating products that stand out and leverage their online presence. We also help your business by identifying new revenue stream opportunities, developing growth strategies, and building scalable digital publishing platforms.

Over the past five years, we have helped startups such as Hustle, Work Week, and State Affairs build digital publishing platforms with millions of subscribers. We are the trusted partner behind these brands and we stand ready to help you create your next success story.

“Our mission is to empower news and media organizations with the opportunity to sustainably broadcast their voice.”

Who We Are

We are a team of talented professionals committed to our client’s long-term success. Our team of creative product definers, designers, and builders works together with you to unlock your true potential. We are focused on strategically aligning your digital product with your current and future business goals.

Our journey has been marked by our tenacity for quality, pursuit of innovation, and success in building products that stand the test of time. We've successfully completed numerous projects over the years, and we're prepared to take on your most pressing challenges.

Our Approach

We diagnose before we prescribe.
It is our obligation never to put you in a position where we prescribe a solution without fully diagnosing your challenges. We believe that product design is not the solution but rather the process.
We value conversation over presentation.
We start every collaboration with lengthy conversations. It is through conversation that we can make an honest assessment of the appropriate solution for your business needs.
We are selective to deliver the best.
Our clients come to us with their most pressing problems. As a small team, we can only collaborate on a select few projects each year.
We embrace change.
We have been serving startups for the past decade. We understand the early-stage product development phase and embrace the continuous development mentality.


Refact works with some of the top News, Media, Nonprofit, and Education organizations.

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