Empowering Workweek Creators with Scalable Microsites

We’re excited to spotlight our growing partnership with Workweek, a leading platform that allows creators to engage and grow their audience in their own way. Working together with Workweek, we have helped empower these creators with the tools to publish newsletters, house their podcasts, and create courses.

A Year of Progressive Collaboration

We embarked on our collaborative journey with Workweek about a year ago. It began as an arrangement for website maintenance and technical assistance. Over time, however, our partnership evolved organically as we became more involved in the development of Workweek’s digital presence. This evolution led us from performing routine tasks to assuming a comprehensive role in shaping their online spaces.

Enabling Creativity and Branding with Scalable Microsites

We are now collaborating to create distinct microsites for individual creators on Workweek. To support the unique visions and designs of each creator, we needed a highly flexible tool that would still be easy to use.

With that in mind, we used WordPress-native Gutenberg blocks, to build customizable pages and layouts that accommodate individual branding while still being easy to update and operate. The results are microsites designed to scale and evolve independently, effectively empowering creators to own, personalize, and grow their own digital spaces under Workweek’s banner.

Unifying and Streamlining for a Cohesive Future

Our ongoing partnership with Workweek will focus on consolidating and harmonizing all the different elements of their project into a functioning whole. Throughout our partnership, we have made numerous small and large contributions and now it is time to make these come together in a meaningful way. That will help us optimize their digital assets and operational efficiency, ensuring that every part of the Workweek platform is working smoothly and in step for maximum impact.

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