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Multi-channel publisher Estate Media tasked Refact with building a fully automated content ingestion hub for their Beehiiv-powered email newsletters, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

  • Custom Development
  • API Integration
  • Automation

Nowadays, your website is the only part – and often, not even the most important part – of your digital publishing strategy.

If your primary channel is email newsletters, it makes sense to optimize your publishing workflow around the features and requirements of your chosen newsletter platform. The same applies to video platforms like YouTube and podcast services like —. The platforms’ native solutions will always be more secure, reliable, and faster to add new features.

websites still play an essential role in any modern multi-channel strategy, of course. They allow your company to express its unique character, to satisfy any legal or regulatory requirements, and to cross-promote your outputs across different channels and platforms.

But how can you deliver a first-class web experience if your website is not your first priority? That was the challenge presented to Refact by Estate Media, the first personality-driven media company in the real estate industry.


Refact’s solution delivered a WordPress-powered website that effectively runs itself on a day-to-day basis, importing content from multiple sources in perfect sync with its publishing schedule.

Creators continue to work with the tools and interfaces they know best. When content is published or posted, the website picks it up, processes it into a web-friendly content structure, and posts it according to the client’s preferences. No manual intervention is necessary!

Refact built the website with a very tight deadline, and excelled. Their responsiveness, flexibility, and accountability were all great.

Estate Media CEO

So Refact developed a custom import plugin which:

  • connects to Beehiiv, the fast-growing newsletter platform selected by Estate Media
  • offers an intuitive, step-by-step interface to connect to your Beehiiv account
  • lets you choose which content is imported from Beehiiv
  • provides dropdown menus of the available taxonomies and terms
  • facilitates links between related content from different channels
  • runs automatically on a schedule, with no direct user intervention required

Refact’s developers were able to extend existing third-party import tools for videos and podcasts. However, the market had not yet caught up with the revival of interest in email newsletters.

So Refact has developed a custom import plugin that connects to the fast-growing newsletter platform Beehiiv.

An intuitive step-by-step user interface allows the website manager to control which content is imported from Beehiiv, and how it is added to the website. Dropdown menus make it easy to select taxonomies and terms, which can connect related content from different channels.


With the website acting as a comprehensive archive of all their channel outputs, Estate Media can showcase past editions of their various newsletters. Each page includes a sign-up form that adds the user to the Beehiiv mailing list – and also presents Estate Media’s other newsletters, making subscription as easy as a single click.

Refact’s experience in the newsletter field means the sign-up process is privacy-compliant and reinforced against malicious use. We also take steps to reduce the repeated pestering of website visitors as they click from page to page.

And as Estate Media adds new products to its portfolio, additional import channels can be activated with minimal technical support.

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