The Daily Upside: A Case of Many Challenges

The Daily Upside is a fast-growing media startup dealing in fresh business and investment stories. They now have over a million subscribers and stand out with their original content and professional journalism. When they came to us, though, they were in a tight spot. With a limited budget, a product that just wouldn’t scale, and the launch date looming, The Daily Upside needed a surgical strike team. So, we went to work.


The Daily Upside wanted to launch a new website, but their in-house team struggled to manage the process. On top of this, their editorial environment was not streamlined to their writers’ satisfaction. They had to publish the same content once on their CMS and once again on their emailing platform. Digging into their tech stack and analytics, we also discovered a huge bot attack problem that disrupted their onboarding process. 

“[Refact] played a big part in making sure everything was tailored to our needs … they ensured our marketing was unaffected by the relaunch. After the launch, we saw a boost in terms of the overall conversion rate.”

Patrick Trousdale

The Daily Upside


We stepped in with a dual plan of action. On one front, we offered a partial service approach to keep costs down. We worked hand-in-hand with their design team to create a top-notch UI/UX to drive maximum conversion. In addition, taking their vision of increasing subscribers within a couple of years, we made sure their platform was truly scalable.

On the other front, we invented a simple yet efficient way to automate their publishing across platforms. That took the pressure off the writers and allowed them to focus on producing quality content. We also optimized their onboarding to stop bot attacks and robots from posing as real users. 

The Daily Upside’s Sample Home Page
The Daily Upside’s Subscription Form Sample

“… the whole technical team were at hand… If we needed to go direct to someone, it felt like they were always there…

Patrick Trousdale

The Daily Upside

Our Ongoing Partnership

The result? Their dream website, happy editors, and no more bots – all within budget! Our bespoke solution turned the challenges they gave us into a win. They now have over 1 million subscribers and are set to deliver stories to their readers the right way. They have higher ROIs and conversion rates than ever. Refact played a considerable part in their success. And that was not the end. Our collaboration is ongoing, and as their digital partner, we’re helping them continue growing. 

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