Elevating Stacked Marketer’s Digital Presence and Efficiency

We are delighted to share our ongoing partnership with Stacked Marketer, an outstanding newsletter and media company with a thriving audience. Over the past year, what began as consulting on isolated technical issues has blossomed into a robust collaboration, fostering evident growth and innovation.

Protecting from Digital Threats

Stacked Marketer’s challenge of battling bot attacks and fake sign-ups was one of the first major challenges we had to overcome. Our developers crafted a tailored version of Refact’s proprietary bot-attack plugin, mitigating challenges posed by bot attacks and fraudulent sign-ups. This advanced solution now ensures their security against increasingly smarter threats and safeguards genuine user engagement and data integrity.

Streamlining Content Workflows

Managing a complicated content workflow can often bog down the editorial process. We implemented a seamless content transition mechanism between Stacked Marketer’s editorial tools, WordPress site, and Email Service Provider (ESP). This paved the way for a smoother, error-free, and efficient editorial journey, thereby empowering the team to focus on what they do best – create compelling content

Enhancing User Interaction and Conversions

A redesigned homepage, optimized for user experience and conversion, now welcomes Stacked Marketer’s audience, ensuring engaging and intuitive navigation through their digital space.

Website Redesign and Branding 

Now, our mission extends to redesigning their entire website, refining their brand, and bringing a fresh, new look to their premium membership platform, Stacked Marketer Pro, aligning all elements with a unified, striking brand identity and user-focused strategy.

You can anticipate a detailed case study soon, offering a deeper dive into the strategic evolution and tangible successes of this collaboration.

Stay tuned, and explore more examples of Refact’s work in the world of news and media.

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